Taking action on toilet paper

Imagine waking into the school toilets and having to stare at sand paper and baking paper. Okay maybe it’s not sand paper or baking paper but it sure feels like it!

So what are we going to do about this you might ask? Well I am going to change the toilet paper by getting a petition and asking who doesn’t like sand paper and baking paper and find out how much it costs.And because when we did change the toilet paper it was coming out in clumps and getting stuck in drain pipes. We could investigate different brands and find out who the supplier is , and ask why they choose cost savers. And ask how much they are willing to spend on the toilet paper in the bathroom at school. And ask why they don’t bother to change the toilet paper.

Are you tired of baking paper and sand paper when we could have ultra soft? To help you can make a petition and persuade our principal.


Cr Helen Radnedge

Helen Radnedge visit

Did you know there was Tasmania devils in Gisborne their bones were found but sadly there are none any more in Gisborne but I don’t really want Tasmania Devils in Gisborne. Cr Helen told us about the Tasmania devils in Gisborne she also told us that Gisborne had lots of Aboriginal stuff which gets recorded and now Gisborne is a place for Aboriginals to visit and now the Aboriginal stuff is protected. She also protects wildlife and nature reserves.

The Macedon Ranges Council has nine councillors. It is nine so that if there has to be a vote there’s an odd number. Sometimes the councillors disagree but they discuss things. When they need to know something they go to ask the council officers. There are 9 councillors and there are around 400 people who work for the council. Councillor Helen Radnedge worked at a hardware store before she became a councillor. Her favourite place is the Nature Reserve that she saved from being a housing development. She became a councillor because she wanted to make decisions and have a say. Councillor Helen Radnedge grew up in Keillor and moved to Gisborne when she was 15. She loved Macedon Ranges. She has 3 kids.


Councillor Helen Radnedge’s visit was very interesting. Now I know Helen Radnedge has 3 kids, she worked at a hardware store and she loves nature.



Holiday poem!!!

Wet socks deep water

Joe’s dare fall in the river oh no!

Trying to get water melons!

Building rafts across the river doesn’t work as planned.

Building tree houses works as planned

5 of them all joined  together really fun.

Place to eat sausages

me and joe’s secret hide outs.

Muddy Banks, pirate swords.


My 3 way conference



Yesterday I had my 3 way conference. It was awesome (not really it was like your average conference except you were explaining) And also my brother and sister came in to watch my conference and they were putting me off by knocking on the window other then that it was really good



Gerome the gnome

Gerome the gnome
Is a very friendly gnome
He has no friends but
Soon there will be lots and
Lots of lovely gnomes
Gerome has a house
It’s made out of wood
Disguised as a mushroom 🍄
Gerome likes his home
And that is the story of a very
Friendly gnome Gerome



The troops the men they died for us back then .And still today they fight for freedom.They beat with our hearts let alone they stand along and sing songs with the strong standing souls with us today.As we enjoy the beloved ANZAC day.
Lest we forget the men and women that fought for us.