Best Days Of My LIFE!!!

Fun stuff and more awesome stuff,It just kept on coming! We had camp on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday we climbed the split point  lighthouse which sadly split when we where up the top and we jumped in the sea (and luckily we survived), built the kings palace,flew to Mars and back on a fox, and saw Mrs Elder fly with a bit of help, shot aliens with bows, sailed down cliffs , swam in the depest estuaries and suffered painfully long bus rides and last of all slept in the most talkative cabins Tuesday was AWESOME!!!!!

At least Wednesday had no evil aliens or talkative cabins but it still did have…. painfully looooong bus rides! But the bus rides weren’t too bad the and food at camp was awesome.

But I still liked the sea lettuce that  found At Queenscliff I ate so much that I could barely fit lunch in! I really liked the touch tank at the marine discovery centre in Queenscliff there was lots of crabs and star fish and a few spiky things that I didn’t touch because they looked DEADLY but they weren’t deadly I don’t think. The bus ride home was painfully long. One of the best parts of camp was probably seeing Mum, Chloe and Joe waiting for me in the school car park.