Cr Helen Radnedge

Helen Radnedge visit

Did you know there was Tasmania devils in Gisborne their bones were found but sadly there are none any more in Gisborne but I don’t really want Tasmania Devils in Gisborne. Cr Helen told us about the Tasmania devils in Gisborne she also told us that Gisborne had lots of Aboriginal stuff which gets recorded and now Gisborne is a place for Aboriginals to visit and now the Aboriginal stuff is protected. She also protects wildlife and nature reserves.

The Macedon Ranges Council has nine councillors. It is nine so that if there has to be a vote there’s an odd number. Sometimes the councillors disagree but they discuss things. When they need to know something they go to ask the council officers. There are 9 councillors and there are around 400 people who work for the council. Councillor Helen Radnedge worked at a hardware store before she became a councillor. Her favourite place is the Nature Reserve that she saved from being a housing development. She became a councillor because she wanted to make decisions and have a say. Councillor Helen Radnedge grew up in Keillor and moved to Gisborne when she was 15. She loved Macedon Ranges. She has 3 kids.


Councillor Helen Radnedge’s visit was very interesting. Now I know Helen Radnedge has 3 kids, she worked at a hardware store and she loves nature.